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Home Medicine Reviews help you stay out of hospital and build your knowledge about your own medications and managing them!
The pharmacist will discuss the best treatment for you, making sure what medications are safe to take together. They will also check all medicines are taken and stored correctly.

If any of the following apply, home medicine reviews can help you:

heart condition, asthma, emphysema, mental health condition, diabetes, receiving palliative care, taking blood thinners, taking over the counter herbal medications, or English is your second language.


Please ask your Doctor if you are interested in having a Home Medicines Review.

  • You may have just been discharged from Hospital?

  • Your medications may have recently changed?

  • Your medications may make you feel unwell?

  • Do you attend more than one doctor or specialist?

  • You may just want to be more informed about the medications you take?

For more information on medication reviews speak to your GP



16-30 Fiveash Drive, Pasadena SA 5042

Tel: 08 7324 4585

Fax: 08 8357 4158

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